COVID-19 Announcement

How we are handling the Coronavirus crisis:

Although cats and dogs are susceptible to their own strains of viruses within the Corona family, the virus causing the current pandemic does NOT affect dogs and cats nor is the virus spread by dogs and cats. There has been one case of a dog testing positive for the virus in Hong Kong, however the dog has shown no signs of illness and is believed to have become positive through contact with the owner, who was ill.

As public health officials have warned us, we must take reasonable precautions to limit the spread of the virus as best we can.

We want to ensure our clients that we are remaining open for service for our normal hours. We are however changing our procedures to minimize contact between individuals. We want to ensure we are keeping our clients and staff safe in this time of uncertainty. Our doors are locked at this time, but we are STILL open. If you come to the clinic for an appointment please call 515-961-7882 and we come to your vehicle to get your pet from you, once your pet is finished we will call you for payment. The only exception to this policy would be an euthanasia appointment. We want our clients to be able to be with their pets when they say goodbye. We will also be happy to mail out medications and would be happy to bring food and medicine out to your car for “curbside pick up” 

For clients who may have special concerns due to age, health risks or potential exposure we will offer, within our capabilities, to pick up your animal at home for transport to the clinic or perform house calls.  

We want to remind you as well that you may purchase meds and supplies through our online store. Also keep in mind that iVet, Blue Buffalo, Royal Canin and Science Diet foods offer at-home delivery services. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or concerns. We are here to serve you and your furry family members.

Please stay safe and healthy,

All Creatures Small Staff

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